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A Good Night's Rest


It's been about a month since we started sleep training Margot, and I'm happy to say that she's still sleeping through the night like an angel (knock on wood!). It takes her a minute of calling out to us to fall asleep, but once she gets it all out of her system and realizes it's time to sleep, she knocks out. It's been so good for all of us and there's nothing better than a full night of undisturbed rest!

There are a couple of things we use that I feel have really helped us get to this point and I wanted to share. If it works for Margot, maybe it'll work for your sleepless babe too.

Comfortability is key—if bae is comfortable, bae sleeps well. A give-in, yes, but in our experience, the most important factors towards Margot's rest are warmth and comfortability. Plain and simple.

So what do we use to ensure a comfortable and warm sleeping environment?

+ Insulated curtains // Margot's crib sits near a glass sliding door that lets too much of the cold winter into her room. These curtains do such amazing job at blocking it all out and trapping warmth in.


+ Sleep sacks // The safe alternative to blanket-wearing in the crib. We have two: a lighter version and a heavier version

sleep bags

Gro Egg // We love this little egg. It's a thermometer that uses a color code to let us know when the room's too cold or too hot...or just right. It definitely makes things easier when deciding how to adjust things, like opening/closing the curtains or putting a lighter/heavier sleep sack on, to help her sleep.

gro egg

+ Humidifier // We use the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier and run it every night for Margot. It keeps her skin nice and hydrated and her airways clear for a smooth sleep. Plus it's easy to use and clean :)


+ Sound/White noise app // Since Margot was born, we always made it a point to play music or noise while she slept so she wouldn't need a quiet environment to sleep. She now loves the sounds we play her on this White Noise App. It's free and has a great selection of sounds to choose from.


We're so happy to have found a system of products that works for us. I'd love to hear about some of the things that work for you and your babes to get them sleeping through the night!