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On Slow Living and Being Present

mama and baby

Lately, I've been challenging myself to be more present; something that's proven to be somewhat difficult when it means having to ignore that habitual need to pick up my phone, only to find myself aimlessly scrolling through photos on Instagram of someone else's baby when I've got my own right in front of me. Slowing down to connect with the present moment and finding contentment in simply that...this is my goal.

In realizing that these moments with Margot are indeed fleeting, I've started to truly pay attention to her and to the moment itself. I've found that being completely mindful of what we're doing together brings so much more meaning into something so little as playing with her or reading her a book. Seeing the meaning in these experiences makes even the smallest of moments memorable. I can clearly see what matters. It's easy to lose sight of what's important when days often seem like one, long repetitive cycle. But when truly connected to these small daily moments, I appreciate them more, less is taken for granted and seeing the beauty in life comes so much more naturally.

mama and baby

So I remind myself and encourage others to slow down and live the moments. Remain thoughtful and mindful to allow yourself to be more present. Get down on the ground and play with her; hold her a little longer after feeding...because there really isn't anything more important than the time we have right now.