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Amsterdam Part III

This trip involved a lot of playground stops and Margot-friendly activities to keep her entertained most days. Matt and I actually enjoy doing those sorts of things anyways, so when we decided to check out ARTIS, Netherlands' oldest zoo, we were both really excited. The zoo also has an aquarium and planetarium, but we spent the entire day just getting through the zoo and aquarium—both of which were well worth the stay.

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Amsterdam Part II

We went in search of Amsterdam's famous stroopwafel and found ourselves at the Albert Cuyp Marketwhere we ate chocolate covered waffles for breakfast and browsed through the many street vendors selling food, trinkets and clothing. We went early enough so that it wasn't too crowded and Margot was able to roam free and explore on her own, dancing in the middle of the market whenever we'd pass by vendors playing music.

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Our Family Trip - Amsterdam Part I

Bare with me as I slowly publish posts about our family trip that happened almost 2 months ago. But here we are again—this time, Amsterdam! After a hectic day spent scrambling around London, scooting to and from the Canadian Embassy to get my hands on a temporary passport to cover my expiring one, and then running through a crowded airport to quickly catch our short, hour long flight, we made it to Amsterdam! Thank goodness for an easy going kid!

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