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DIY // How to Tighten a Loose Fitting Hat

I've been experiencing more bad hair days than good lately, so I've taken to wearing hats most days. They're quick to hide the limp mess happening underneath and, at the same time, bring a little style to some of my more simple/comfortable outfit choices. 

A problem I run into with a lot of new hats is they usually fit a tad too big—so big that they've nearly blown off during strolls. I do this little hat tightening trick to every one I own.

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DIY Simmer Pots

We got a baby tree this year—we just didn't have the space for a big one...plus, I wasn't really feeling the idea of having to clean up pine needles everyday! So a small one we got...and it's pretty cute and perfect! The only downfall: it doesn't quite deliver in the scent department; as in, that yummy pine smell we equate with the holidays sadly isn't there. To compensate, I stirred up a couple pots of fresh, holiday goodness—and thankfully, everything is now right with the world.

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