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Margot Turns Four

We brought the party to the shop this year with a bbq, family, and friends. It was such a beautiful day and a nice way to celebrate Margot turning 4. She picked out her balloons, piñata, and cake, and decided to wear her birthday tutu she opened up that morning from Gigi. She’d been looking forward to this party for about a week, and def partied hard. It’s the day after and she was still exhausted from all of the excitement. She had such a fun time. I thankfully got photos of the kids before everyone got there—I was so busy during, I hardly shot. But I thankfully got a couple more photos of some small details throughout the day to help me remember #4. Happy birthday to our smart, funny, determined, sweet Margot!

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An Evening in the Backyard

These were taken on our first evening in the backyard this summer. The days have been strangely cold—summer’s been off to a super slow start. It was nice to get out, breathe in some fresh air, and chill out back before the kids went down for bed. I’m looking forward to more quiet, warm evenings like this.

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Eliot Turns One

We strapped on the same party hats we wore for Margot’s first and celebrated Eliot turning one. Matt got donuts, Margot helped me make muffins and whipped cream, and we all watched Eliot eat his birthday treat. His birthday came out of nowhere—I felt like I’d just given birth yesterday and suddenly he’s 1! It makes sense that big events like this come around quicker for the second child. It just serves as a reminder to take these days slowly; fully savoring all of his baby goodness while it’s here. Happy first birthday to my sweet, baby boy!

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A Family Outing // Gabby's Birthday

May is a month of birthdays in our home. Today, we celebrated my sister, Gabby's. Much like mine, we had a meal in Chinatown, took a walk through Kensington Market and had some ice cream on a beautiful day. We then went home to enjoy the day and each other's company out back, and topped it off with a couple of mini birthday pies. I've been way more snap happy with my parents visiting, so have fun scrolling through the day's many photos! Happy birthday, little Gab!

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Easter 2018

We hid eggs throughout the house the night before so Margot could wake up to her first Easter egg hunt. The excitement and joy it brought her is the stuff I live for. We later headed out to our cousins' place for some food, cake, crafts and some much needed family time. It was a beautiful Easter Sunday!

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