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A Family Outing // Andrews' Scenic Acres

It’s been a while since we’ve had a weekend to ourselves, just the 4 of us. This was the perfect place to spend time together. Margot’s got a love for picking flowers whenever she’s out, so it was the flower fields for picking that attracted us to Andrews’ Scenic Acres. We loved it—it was spacious, clean, beautiful and super kid-friendly. We picked ourselves a beautiful bouquet of flowers, walked through corn fields, chilled with chickens and went on a tractor ride. The weather is just starting to cool down, so it was nice to get both kids out in that fresh, crisp air to take in the sights and run around. We left with a pumpkin pie, pecan tarts, apples and 2 cones of their homemade strawberry and blueberry ice cream. I’m already looking forward to visiting again!

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A Family Outing // Gabby's Birthday

May is a month of birthdays in our home. Today, we celebrated my sister, Gabby's. Much like mine, we had a meal in Chinatown, took a walk through Kensington Market and had some ice cream on a beautiful day. We then went home to enjoy the day and each other's company out back, and topped it off with a couple of mini birthday pies. I've been way more snap happy with my parents visiting, so have fun scrolling through the day's many photos! Happy birthday, little Gab!

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Paris Part II

We had a cathedral and chapel filled day, exploring Notre Dame then heading over to Sainte-Chapelle. Because of its history, Notre Dame was pretty cool to step foot in and was something to check off of the list, but of the two, I thought Sainte-Chapelle was way more impressive. It was a small little chapel that was reached by climbing a narrow stone spiral staircase. It's one of the world's most extensive collections of stained glass and was definitely a sight to see.

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