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Halloween 2018

Another Halloween of family costumes and candy-collecting—besides Christmas, this is so my holiday. Super spooky photos and drawing on Margot’s widow’s peak…that’s all I wanted and I got it. Gigi, Tita Sam and Tita Gab came out to form Margot’s Trick or Treat posse on a perfectly cool night. Margot was called “buddy” by multiple candy-givers and Eliot made the cutest last minute monkey. Another Halloween in the books and I’m so happy!

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Halloween 2017

Another Halloween. It's easily become one of my favorite holidays, especially with Margot being an official trick-or-treater now. This year was fun. Matt and I started watching Bob's Burgers when I was pregnant with Margot, and it's now become a show we watch and laugh at as a family. Part of our second girl's name is actually coming from one of the characters. A perfect family costume and a baby name—thanks, Bob's Burgers!

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Halloween 2016

It was our first year dressing up as a family—something I hope to do for years to come. We decided to get some of my cousins and their babes together for a little costume party at our place, which gave Matt and I an excuse to decorate the house like crazy and for me to bake a spooky cake. The kids had fun, the adults had fun—it was a good night!

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Halloween 2015 // Little Red Riding Hood

With this being Margot's first Halloween, I wanted it to be picture perfect. I tend to get overly ambitious with projects I take on, including this year's costume selection. I envisioned a well-lit, cute little photo shoot with a well-behaved Jack dressed as the Big Bad Wolf, and Margot grinning and giggling by his side as Little Red Riding Hood. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't having it, and neither was Margot—and there went my plan. Oh well...she still looked pretty cute and these will be photos we'll look back on so fondly. Happy Halloween!

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