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A Recipe // Sweet Potato + Avocado Tacos

Dieting is no fun. It's a vicious cycle we find ourselves in a lot and usually ends in stuffing our faces with a pizza delivery and pints of ice cream. So, instead, we've opted to substitute the things we love to eat with healthier, fresher options. The idea is, if we still find the healthier food we eat tasty, we'll never have to deprive ourselves again. A full-on lifestyle change is what we're looking to do now—good health and wellness starts with good food choices.

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A Recipe // Pistachio + Cranberry Yogurt Bark

Yet another quick and easy whip up of something to help curb this sweet tooth. Quick and easy—a recurring theme in my food lately, as most of my time and attention is focused on Margot these days. Because only so much time can go to snacks and meals, I like to keep ingredients and steps to a minimum. This yogurt bark checks off on both. These turned out to be really refreshing treats. The crunch of the pistachios and the tangy sweetness of the cranberries are the perfect combo for the mild, just sweet enough bark. So easy and delicious!

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