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Interior Love // Tommy Café

We spent my first Mother's Day in Montréal and, needless to say, it was an incredibly beautiful weekend spent with the people I love most (see more of our trip, here). The day started off here at Tommy Café, hanging out on the balcony and watching for the rain to subside. Normally, the rain would have bummed me out, but sippin' on my latte and eating my bagel in such a lovely space as this—I couldn't be bothered!

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Feeling Inspired

My dad worked at a fabrics and textiles factory when we were kids, and every couple of nights, he'd come home with rolls of fabric, so colorful and crazily patterned...there was definitely a hamburger print or two thrown in there. My mom would then proceed to lay everything out on the kitchen table, her loud and clunky sewing machine in tow, and crank out matching pants, shirts and dresses for her five little girls.

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DIY Simmer Pots

We got a baby tree this year—we just didn't have the space for a big one...plus, I wasn't really feeling the idea of having to clean up pine needles everyday! So a small one we got...and it's pretty cute and perfect! The only downfall: it doesn't quite deliver in the scent department; as in, that yummy pine smell we equate with the holidays sadly isn't there. To compensate, I stirred up a couple pots of fresh, holiday goodness—and thankfully, everything is now right with the world.

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