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London Part IV

For the last couple of days of our trip, we came back to explore west London. Lucky for us, it's where London's famous Chocolate Show is held...and even luckier, on the weekend we were staying here. At this point, we'd already trekked through Amsterdam and Paris, so we thought it'd be a good idea to spend our relaxing Sunday getting Margot (and ourselves) hopped up on chocolate samples and treats, then simply stroll the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Brighton Beach

We took an hour-long train ride out to the coast for a little retreat from the big city and immediately fell in love with Brighton the moment we left the station out into town. We stayed in a cute little hotel right by the water and would start every day at the playground just a couple of steps away. Each day, we aimlessly strolled, making random stops that interested us along the way. Fish and chips were on the menu every day, along with the inevitable sweet treats of travel.

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London Part III

We spent the day in search of a nice park to lay out, soak up the sun and rest our aching feet. So we set out for St. James Park—a beautiful park in the middle of London, between the Horse Guards Parade and Buckingham Palace—with the plan of seeing both places on the way. Margot roamed through the Horse Guards Parade, shuffling her feet through the tiny little pebbles as we made our way to a big open field next to a duck pond. We hung out, snacked, and mapped out our way to Buckingham Palace. The leaves were just starting to turn colors, making for beautiful walks through the park.

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Interior Love // The Wallace Collection

For someone with a pretty minimalistic style and aesthetic, I get pretty excited about colorful and overly ornate interiors. After seeing just a couple of photos of this museum, The Wallace Collection went straight on my list of places to visit. Set in a historic townhouse, this donation-based museum holds a super impressive collection of 18th century French paintings, furniture, porcelain and sculptures, and art from as early as the 15th century.

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London Part II

Like any tourist, we spent a good deal of time eating our way through the city. Best places to do that—Borough Market and the Portobello Road Market. Scrolling through the photos I have here, I'm realizing that I didn't get too many of the actual food—probably because I was too busy eating it. But believe me, it all looked and tasted good. I may have also overdone the sweets on this trip and was probably going at 2 or 3 hot chocolates a day. There's definitely something about being in a far away land that triggers a sugar switch in my head, telling me that overstuffing my face with it is ok. Thankfully, keeping track of the tens of thousands of steps taken each day kept us somewhat healthy.

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