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Holiday Cards 2017

It took me forever to decide whether we'd have our faces (Matt and I) showing in the cards this year or not. But I landed on one where we were all in it—partly because I wanted to remember what we all looked like when our little girl was on the way, but it also just seemed a little more special this way, too! I really love how they turned out, along with all of the other photos taken by my sister, Gabby. I already can't wait to look back on these photos as fond memories of when it was just us and Margot, with just weeks away from meeting her little sister. Merry Christmas!

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Tree Decorating and Christmas Marketing

We spent the day decorating our tree—it's always fun to see how differently Margot reacts each year. She was super into it, to say the least, and thanked her Dad for bringing it home the night before (see video below!). When it came to placing the ornaments, she carefully picked them out one by one, handed it over while deciding where it should go, and stood and watched. All while bobbing her little head to the Christmas music playing in the background.

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Margot Turns Two

Margot had such a great time, surrounded by out of town family and those near too. We had most of our extended family out to celebrate with us—we set up a tent outside where my aunts and uncles hung out for most of the day, while cousins and everyone else stayed indoors. We ate well and watched as the kids played. I was able to get a couple of photos on my own, but I'm so thankful my cousin brought his camera, as he usually does for family gatherings, and was able to document most of the party for us. It was a day filled with laughter and love, celebrating our little Margot.

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Margot at Eleven Months

You're officially 1 month away from being a year old! At 11 months, you're gabbing away like crazy, you're SO close to walking, everything and everyone is "Mama", giving kisses is your thing, and we're as close as we've ever been. For the next 13 days, you can find me reminiscing and crying over photos of months passed, and you can bet I'll be soaking in these last couple of days of babyhood.

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