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Holiday Cards 2017

It took me forever to decide whether we'd have our faces (Matt and I) showing in the cards this year or not. But I landed on one where we were all in it—partly because I wanted to remember what we all looked like when our little girl was on the way, but it also just seemed a little more special this way, too! I really love how they turned out, along with all of the other photos taken by my sister, Gabby. I already can't wait to look back on these photos as fond memories of when it was just us and Margot, with just weeks away from meeting her little sister. Merry Christmas!

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World Press Photo 16

There's nothing I appreciate more than visual journalism. It's storytelling at its finest. It's how we we get to see the realities of what's happening in places we never even think about. This year's World Press Photo Exhibit at Brookfield Place is full of amazing examples of visually compelling insights about our world. Head over to World Press Photo's Contest page for a closer look at this year's award winners.

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Margot at Eleven Months

You're officially 1 month away from being a year old! At 11 months, you're gabbing away like crazy, you're SO close to walking, everything and everyone is "Mama", giving kisses is your thing, and we're as close as we've ever been. For the next 13 days, you can find me reminiscing and crying over photos of months passed, and you can bet I'll be soaking in these last couple of days of babyhood.

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A Family Outing // Washington D.C.

We recently got back from a week long trip to D.C. to see my sister, Sam, graduate from Georgetown Law. What an accomplishment—and it was so nice to be there for her with the rest of my family! We all had such a good time, taking in the sights and getting in some much needed family time. These are moments I always cherish, as we are an incredibly close family who, despite living in different cities, manage to stay that way. These are just a couple of quick snaps I loved most from our trip. As always, looking forward to our next family get together!

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