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A Good Night's Rest

It's been about a month since we started sleep training Margot, and I'm happy to say that she's still sleeping through the night like an angel (knock on wood!). It takes her a minute of calling out to us to fall asleep, but once she gets it all out of her system and realizes it's time to sleep, she knocks out. It's been so good for all of us and there's nothing better than a full night of undisturbed rest!

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Halloween 2015 // Little Red Riding Hood

With this being Margot's first Halloween, I wanted it to be picture perfect. I tend to get overly ambitious with projects I take on, including this year's costume selection. I envisioned a well-lit, cute little photo shoot with a well-behaved Jack dressed as the Big Bad Wolf, and Margot grinning and giggling by his side as Little Red Riding Hood. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't having it, and neither was Margot—and there went my plan. Oh well...she still looked pretty cute and these will be photos we'll look back on so fondly. Happy Halloween!

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Margot's Baptism

My family came out to watch Margot’s baptism at the same church I had mine. It was a nice and intimate ceremony, and afterwards, we all headed over to our place for a little celebration in the event room.

In searching for her baptismal gown, all we ran into were poofy, overly ornate dresses that just weren’t her. So we went the handmade route and found a dressmaker in Little Portugal. Linen, tailored to fit, and sweet and simple.

It was a beautiful day.

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