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Eliot at Seven Months

7 months. Your goo goo’s and ga ga’s are way more prominent these days. You’re easy going but super sensitive—you’ll cry when something’s taken away but super easy to console…the complaints don’t last long. You’re fully sitting on your own now, squiggle around while on your belly, but not quite on the move just yet. Next month, I think we’ll have a little bit of a crawler on our hands. Big step: you’re fully sleep trained! I waited to do it because I wanted to keep you in our bed a little longer—I would have kept you in our bed a whole year, really, but the nightly feedings were taking its toll. Training took only about 4 days, but we’re finally getting that full night’s rest we all need. You’re still all about me—you prefer to be carried close in the Ergo than strolled around. Despite the little bit of back ache I get from doing it, I love having you close. You’ll soon be too big to carry, and having watched Margot grow so quickly, I’m taking full advantage of your baby hood while I’ve got you like this.

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Eliot at Six Months

6 months. Those chunky legs, that sweet smile and those 2 newly popped teeth. You're still very much a mama's boy—when you're being held by someone else, you're looking around to find me in the room to suction your gaze and make sure I'm still there. You're so close to sitting up on your own and getting so much stronger each day. I think you'll be a pro by next month—we'll see!

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Eliot at Five Months

You're the sweetest and cutest five month old boy I've ever seen. You love watching your sister and are amused by anything she does—you'll cry and the minute she distracts you with a toy or does a little dance for you, you're all giggles and smiles again. Physically, you're one big boy...we've been told their 7 month olds are as big as you are! You're in full mobility mode, rolling from your back to belly now—I can't leave you on the bed by yourself without placing pillows at your side these days. You've got 2 little bottom teeth about to pop...your bibs are in full effect. I'm discovering that you love music, just like your mama. You love when I sing to you and the strum of Uncle Jake's guitar stops any crying fit. Your need to be constantly held can be tiring at times, but watching you smile up at me makes makes it totally ok that you're fully a mama's boy :)

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A Family Outing // Gabby's Birthday

May is a month of birthdays in our home. Today, we celebrated my sister, Gabby's. Much like mine, we had a meal in Chinatown, took a walk through Kensington Market and had some ice cream on a beautiful day. We then went home to enjoy the day and each other's company out back, and topped it off with a couple of mini birthday pies. I've been way more snap happy with my parents visiting, so have fun scrolling through the day's many photos! Happy birthday, little Gab!

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